That's Not Very Nice!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

A Little Bit More About Me...

In our small family there are 6 bodies. My wonderful husband, our sometimes wonderful son 'Shorty', Me, and the 3 kittens we decided to get for the kid last Halloween. I thought this was a good idea. (one maybe a good idea, but for cripes sakes 3?)

Did you know that 3 grown cats generate a lot more turds than 3 little tiny cute kittens? Logic tells me that I should not have been surprised by this fact, but I am still in amazement. Thank god they all use the litter box, and not the corner, or under my bed, or the plants, or anywhere the feel fit.

There is a zero tolerance policy in this house about EVERYBODY needs to use the proper receptacle for their pee and poop. If you can't/won't abide by this simple policy, out the door with you. No 3 strikes and your out. No warning. OUT to the wilderness for you.

There are some things that the wonderful husband will not tolerate, and that is the smell of crap first thing in the morning. So now I have to make sure I use the toilet ALL the time, or out I'll go........