That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Went to the old Wally-World today, and made some observations:

1) Some old folks would like some guidance when making major purchases, like canned chili. (I helped an older gentleman with his decision today)

2) Apparently it is perfectly fine to let your kids eat as many bakery donuts as possible while shopping, as long as you stuff the wrappers behind some cheese. Bastards.

3) College girls seem to dress pretty dumpy while shopping there.

4) People on cell phones while shopping piss me off.

5) My wally-world has an arcade, and that ticks me off. Mainly because it is just another thing I have to tell my son "NO" to.

6) Some of the employees are just plain creepy. Like the cat food guy....*shudder*

So there you have it. My observations of the day.