That's Not Very Nice!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Once Again Driving My Husband Nuts

We went to a friends house yesterday afternoon, and it was about an hour drive from our house, they live waaaay out in the country. Anyway, I see something shiny up in the sky and announce that it is a UFO. I know this bothers him that I do this. He starts looking out the windows, and finally sees it and tells me how wrong I am. I tell him that it looks like no airplane I have ever seen, and it is too low, and shiny. Then, like usual, I am told that it must be a weather balloon then. By now Shorty sees this shiny object from the back seat and is asking us what it is. I told him it was a UFO. Husband told him louder that it is Fancy Shiny airplane, and don't listen to Mommy because she can't see good.

This is all working well for me until some time goes on, and the thing appears to have airplane wings. Then I announce that it is morphing itself into the shape of an earthly airplane so it doesn't draw attention. By now the Husband had totally given up on me, and finally says in a sarcastic voice "Yeah--Because they do that you know." Then I remind him that I already knew that.

This keeps going until we finally meet up with the 'flying vehicle in question' and it appeared to have 2 jet engines under the wings and the familiar red tail of a certain large Airline Co. Then we were discussing why the heck the plane was flying so low in the first place etc....and the UFO thing was not brought up again.

Just a common occurrence for me to pipe up about stuff just for the sake of getting him all riled up. Good times. Good times.