That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Plett Pan

I am being driven nuts by this friggin research.

Last weekend I picked up a cast iron pan, now I know to be a "plett pan", used to make tiny Swedish pancakes, as they are the traditional Swedish Thursday night supper in Sweden. Yes, Thursday. Anyway, I have been trying like mad to find this pan made by this company (SANDVIK SAW AND TOOL CORP), and according to everything I can find out about the company, they never made cast iron pots and pans. Ever. At least their website, and historical timeline does not admit to it. Google is not offering up anything either....The company is not in my antique price guide books....This is really pissing me off. I have about 6 hours of heavy googling in on this damn thing. Maybe more.

And this is all I know:

It is indeed a plett pan. I now know what pletts are. And these are served with lingonberries. Good. At least I know what the thing is supposed to be used for.

Now, the number in the middle of the pan is 2980, and Griswold (a different cast iron pan manufacturer) uses that very same number on their plett pan. As does "WESTERN IMPORTING CO. MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA". The latter pan is identical to mine with the exception of the markings on the back. They used raised letters, and mine are recessed. Also identical to this Andresen plett pan.

What do I make of this? Did one company make the mold and use it for a while, and then sell it to another company? Why do they have the same 2890 number on the back, which just can't be coincidence? Why is there no mention of this company affiliated with ever making cookware, when I have definite proof that they did? Grrr. It exists. It really does, because I'm looking right at one. Grrrr......