That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Oh, what is the deal with Blogger not wanting me to post links?

Ok, I copied my link from the linky place I wanted to take you, then wrote my post, then highlighted the word where I wanted to stuff the link into, clicked the linky green button deal, got rid of the http:// thing that automatically comes up, put the link in there, and it (blogger) deleted the highlighted word, and put the 'link' in all written, and not a link.

Like this:

Ooh, I normally spare myself the shame of doing cat posts, but this is super cute.

Above is what it did. Is there suddenly a new way to do it, or is the website I linked unlinkable? Or have I suddenly gone retarded?

Lets try linking Harvey:

See, what is that? Lame.

UPDATE: Apparently I am quite retarded, as it clearly worked in its published form, it just looks all crazy and bad prior to being published. Anyway, the cat link is sooooper cute, so take a peek!