That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Here's a Tater, Now Go Outside With that

I just have to tell you all (all 6 of you, I know....) about this cool toy my son got at the local county fair.

For $3.00.

And it came with one free potato.

A Potato Gun. It shoots harmless Potato Pellets (says the package).

Completely Harmless, Never wears Out, Sturdy construction, 300 shots from one potato (Also says the package)

You just jam the end of the gun into a potato, and break off in a downward motion and the gun is loaded! More than 300 shots from one potato!

And the coolest part of all.......SHOOTS 50 FEET!! Yes, folks, it does.

I am truly impressed. it is not often that you can hand a 6 year old a potato, and tell them to go have fun.