That's Not Very Nice!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Papersackery (NEW WORD I MADE UP)

Here is a rant for ya.

Do grocery stores train their employees how to properly pack a paper sack? The zombified teens I have had encounters with do a crappy-ass job of stuffing groceries in a plastic bag, but....THE HORROR...when you ask for paper, they are almost offended, and can't hardly do it. It's like I just asked them to grease up my wagon wheel, or skin a frickin' squirrel or something. This is not so tricky kids, if you pay one bit of attention to the task at hand, which is bagging the groceries in a somewhat sensible manner. Now, this is what I purchased this evening:

1 Freshetta frozen pizza

1 sack of tortilla chips

1 12 pk of Diet Pepsi

3 packages of brats, (on sale for $2.79, good deal)

2 16 pack packages of corn dogs (also on sale for $3.99, good deal)

1 5# sack of taters

4 packages of cheese singles ($0.99 each, WAY good deal)

and a 2 pack of frozen pie crusts.

The "Bag Boy" packs the first bag: Pizza, 2 large boxes of corn dogs, AND on top, the sack of potatoes. The handles can no longer be brought together to be held with one hand, and it weighs 82 lbs.

second bag: brats, cheese, and the pie crusts put in the short way, not the long way (I don't know how else to explain it), so that when you grab the sack by the handles, it compromises the shape of the item and makes cracks and crap so the pie will suck. That is all for that bag.

third bag: chips. That's it. I am surprised he did not try to put the 12 pk of pop in with the chips to make chip dust.

I know it can be hard, kids, but a little bit of pride in your work would be good. I mean, I would rather bag my own groceries than deal with the "convenience" of your unskilled bagmanship. It's not a convenience, it's a pain in the ass.

Please, PLEASE go home and practice with your Mom in the kitchen with her groceries, she will show you how it's done. Because back in the day, all there was was paper bags, and you had to do it right or the old ladies would raise hell and get your boss involved for sucking at your job. Back then you even had to smile. And mean it. AND......GASP!!!!......employees used to have to tuck their shirts in! You think I'm pulling your leg, by seriously, it's true!

Anyway, I am suspecting that stores do not train their employees in the fine art of papersackery.