That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Improve Your Team Spirit.....NOW

Now, I know it is sometimes hard for folks to stay happy and productive at their workplace.

That is why there are companies out there that specialize in corporate training and responsibility events. Specially geared to positively energize your employees, increase productivity & morale while enhancing team spirit. Go Team!

What bunch of whine-ass little sissy bitches need special encouragement to do their damn job?

Fire a couple of slackers, and that will encourage the whole group of babies to do their job. I'll bet it's cheaper to do that than to send them all off to 'Happy Love My Job and I Am A Team Player' Camp.

Be grateful anyone would hire you. Whine-Ass. They don't have to employ you. They can always find someone better, so shut your can. And do your friggin' job.