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Friday, October 21, 2005

I Wonder if This is True?

It is possible for any American citizen to give whatever name he or she chooses to any unnamed mountain or hill in the United States. The only stipulation is that the person does not name it after himself. To name a hill or mountain, all you have to do is obtain a U.S. Geological Survey topographical map and find a peak that has no official title. After writing to the Chamber of commerce or the county clerk to make certain that the hill is still unnamed, send your suggested name to:

Donald Orth, Executive Secretary of Domestic Geographical Names, U. S. G. S. National Center, Mail Stop 523, 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, Virginia 22092.

Approximately a thousand new names are accepted in this way by the secretary each year.

The book I got this out of was published in 1983, and I just have my doubts about this. But I guess it might be worth a try...If you feel the need...

What would you name a hill if you could?