That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh No...

Here is a question for all of the parents, and non-parents out there.

What does a parent do when the 4 year old falls asleep 3 hours before bedtime, (needed a nap too because he was being a super pain)?

A) Wake up the cranky one right away as soon as you see that he fell asleep, and deal with him being fussy, and perhaps put him to bed a little early?

B) Let him sleep for a while and try and convince him that he should go to bed at his regular time even though he is "not sleepy"?

C) Carefully carry the passed out child to his bed and tuck him in and pretend it is bedtime. When he wakes up at his actual bedtime, what do you tell him?

There are no real answers here, just some seem better than others. I can tell you that this situation sucks and you are going to pay either way.