That's Not Very Nice!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nasty Stuff

About a month ago I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled. Should have been an uneventful situation, maybe 20 minutes total for the one I went in there that I wanted pulled, so I mentioned, "Hey, while you are in there pulling that one, you think you could pull that bottom one quick?" X-rays lie sometimes. Big lies. A quick little cut of the gum, (because the tooth was still hiding under the gum) and pull of the tooth was what he saw on the x-ray. He gets me numb and gets to work. Finally after lots of poking and scraping of bone and looking at the x-ray some more, he tells me he can't find the tooth.

Apparently I had a good amount of jawbone grown around, or on top of, (or something??) this elusive tooth. Full bony extraction?? is what he called it.

An hour and a half later, after he removed part of my jawbone and had to cut the tooth apart where it lay (conveniently horizontal-aimed at my ear) to get it out.

I am still recovering a month later. Did not want to write about it earlier. Sucked too much. Absolutely worse than recovering from childbirth. No question. And childbirth recovery is brutal.

The point of this post is to share with you the fact that I apparently have had dry socket for 3 weeks. There is a giant hole next to where the tooth had been, (which confuses me why it is next to the 'tooth') and the jawbone was exposed (it finally started to grow tissue and heal a little last week). And this hole fills up with tons of food. Tons.

2 days ago I flushed out 3 pieces of rice, and 5 unidentifiable items

Yesterday I flushed out 2 more pieces of rice, 3 friuty pebbles, and something questionable.

Today I have flushed out 2 chunks of bread from a sandwich, 2 chunks of spaghetti, and a piece of meat.

It is amusing yet incredibly gross, making sure my mouth does not turn into a compost pile. This is going to be an issue for a very long time I suspect, judging by the size of this hole. X-rays lie sometimes.

Thought people would like to hear something gross on this fine Friday!!

Have a good one!