That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Crummy Deal

Today is dedicated to dishes and laundry. Housework sucks. Somebody has to do it though.....

(WARNING: bad poetry below)

Curse the dirty dish. Curse the dirty underpants.

You sneak out of the cupboards and drawers. I find you crumpled on the floor or crusty on the table.

The minutes you steal from me can not be replaced.

I will deal with you swiftly, and with skill, for we have done this dance a hundred times before.

Some of you will go into the washing machine with a bit of bleach, and some of you will go into the sink with a bit of dawn.

I will scrub with all the fury of an angry housewife.

Come dark, no one will ever know you were here.

Curse you dirty dishes!

Curse you dirty underpants!