That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Funny Way to Wake Up

I just woke up a couple of minutes ago to my 4 year old son climbing up on the bed with a wad of cash in his hand.

"I have gas money!" He tells me.

"oh yeah? Where did you get that?" I ask

"Daddy gave it to me, it's for the truck." he explains to me like I am stupid.

"What do we need to use the truck for?" I ask, still having trouble keeping my eyelids open.

"For you to take me to school, but I am not going to school because I am not going to let you take me."

"What? You don't have school today anyway, I'm going to take you to school tomorrow."

"I'm not going tomorrow, not any day, not ever." "I'm not going."

"Whatever. I'm taking you to school tomorrow and that's how it's going to be." I tell him bluntly.

All of this, and I could not even keep my eyelids open, and he is sitting there ready for the bickering competition. Oh, please not first thing in the morning, I have a hard time being sharp enough to hold my own.

"Good morning Mommy, I love you!" Nope. Not today. Maybe tomorrow I will get woken up nice. I doubt it. It'll be something weird again.