That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend From Hell

I have not had a weekend like this in a very long time.

Friday was the beginning of it all. We have had a houseguest for the last week. He was going to live with us until he had his life in order, because he recently quit a 10+ year love affair with alcohol. I admire people that want to improve themselves, and I also am impressed when someone will ask for help.

We gave him the chance he asked for and proceeded to *F* it up in the first week. Seems that this fella is not as serious as he seemed a week ago. I had some things to do and he asked to be dropped off downtown. I am of the opinion that I should not have to worry about an adult when he is put in public. Apparently I was wrong. He knew that no one would be available to pick him up until 7 or 8 pm. He said he would be fine, and said that he would take a walk in the park, and he would try to get ahold of his Aunt on the phone because he wanted to get ahold of her. Fine.

About an hour after I left him downtown, he was calling my MOM on the phone drunk as all hell, swearing and carrying on about how someone needs to drive into town and get him, and bring his cell phone charger to him. He called 4 or 5 times, getting more rude and more drunk, wanting MY MOM to give him the phone number for Mike's mom to come pick him up, and my mom wouldn't do it by that point, and proceeded to tell him to find a phone book and look it up himself. Thankfully he was too drunk to find a phone book. Mike got to my parents house after work and immediately went and got him from the park to find that he was trashed and in no condition to be in public, or around my parents so he drove his drunk ass another 2 hours back home. Completely screwing up all the plans for the weekend.

Keep in mind that the only reason he had come with me on my little trip back home (I live about 2 hours away from my parents) is because he was hot to cut some more firewood with my dad. Had been talking about it for a couple days. I had to go there anyway to have some follow up wisdom teeth mayhem taken care of, and had just invited him to come along. His priorities took a 180 as soon as we got into town however.

I will not put up with a 26 year old acting like an ass. I will not be lied to. I will not be used. I will not let anyone live under this roof if I do not trust them. I do not appreciate someone being utterly rude to my nice parents. I kicked him out of the house when I got back home on Saturday night.

I run a pretty tight ship in this house, and you better not rock the boat. I have no sympathy for someone who makes conscious self-destructive decisions. I had a problem the minute his bad decisions have a negative effect on our family. Not cool. I am not the type of person to give someone a second chance on something like this either. I do not appreciate being deceived. I skip the feelings being hurt thing and move right on to rage.