That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Oh, Glorious Firewood

This weekend was wonderful.

Not one apple made it into a jar, but a whole lot of firewood got made. We started on Friday afternoon, and quit Saturday afternoon. I decided that it would be more fun for me to work with the men than make applesauce in the kitchen. I put myself in charge of hauling all the wood from the lower part of the property to up by the garage where it will get stacked. I was hauling as fast as I could most of the time, and I was almost always behind because they were cutting and splitting so efficiently. Not splitting with a splitter either, they were doing it with an ax. Good thing dad has a four wheeler with a trailer, because that job would have been horrible with just a wheel barrel. I would not have done it, and you would have found me in the kitchen instead.

We ended up with a little better than 2 cords of wood after it was all said and done. Not bad, but he will need a few more if he is going to use it all winter. We will be back to help some more I am sure. Although we all had a great time, and didn't want to leave. We just wanted to stay and make that pile bigger. We will be back.