That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mice: Phase 2

I am turning up the heat on the mice. No takers for velveeta in the 4 traps. I mixed up a batch of peanut butter and bulgur wheat with a raisin squished in the middle. Should be irresistible. When I was switching the bait I somehow got nailed in the pinkie knuckle with a trap and I think I heard tiny giggles from behind the seat. I'll show them giggles.

I wonder if the mice are still in there, or if they fell out while driving (oh what a sight that would be!!) or if they have bailed because there is no food in there. If they are still there, tonight is the night. Blood will spill. I even chained the traps to all 4 pedals so if I sort of get one, it can't drag my trap under the seat to chew its leg off. (I have pictures, but I need help from hubby to get them off the camera.)

My dad had that problem one time, he was loosing traps in the basement, so he got out a logging chain and wired all the traps to the chain and said "If they can drag the chain away, they can have the trap." Yup. Pretty much.

He is also the guy who starts a tally on paper with how many mice he traps in one day, and he does the same thing when he starts in on the squirrels at the birdfeeder. I am pretty sure that is why he feeds the birds in the first place. Last winter the snow under the feeder looked like he had been shooting squirrels all winter. Pink with large spots of darker pink. I can't believe that more squirrels kept coming. You would think they could smell the death or something. Perhaps I am giving rodents more credit than they deserve. They are not the brightest.

I will be a little disappointed if the mice left on their own, and I don't get any corpses. I do not appreciate the shit and run stunt they may have pulled.