That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I Miss Lawn Darts

I got to play lawn darts at my cousins house. (we didn't have them at my house) I miss playing that game. Other yard games just aren't the same. I remember one time my cousin Danny and I were playing with them in the backyard, and Danny decided to see how close he could throw the dart by his foot without actually hitting his foot. You know how kids are, this kind of happened quickly, and his first throw went right through his foot. I freaked out and ran up to the house and got my aunt and uncle. My uncle carried him up to the house with the dart still stuck in his foot, laid him down by the rose bushes where the garden hose always seemed to be running, proceeded to pull the dart out of his foot, run a lot of ice cold well water on (through) the wound. Then the boy got yelled at like I had never seen before, or since. Wrapped up the foot good with an old dish towel, and we all went out to eat. Didn't even give the kid a crutch or cane. They made him hobble.

Nowdays the kid would have been taken to the hospital via ambulance, coddled by his parents, and then the parents would sue the pants off the poor toy maker. You know full well the instructions on the box gave a warning that the toy was dangerous, and the parents should realize that just because a toy is out on the market doesn't mean that it is appropriate for your child.

Giant metal darts are dangerous. Logic is not to be ignored just because it is labeled a 'toy'. There are (and were) plenty of smart kids that are capable of playing with things and not getting themselves killed or maimed.

I am still angry they took them off the market in 1988.