That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Busy Monday

Today I am getting together all of my canning jars to take to my parents house this weekend. Making sure I have enough seals and rings for all the jars. The apple tree is ready for picking and I am going to attempt to can all of the applesauce that I can on Saturday. Lots of work, but lots of food! Last year I attempted to make apple butter, and that took too much time, and still didn't turn out right. We generally don't eat that much applesauce, but I can use it in baking cakes and quick-breads that will be sooo moist. If anyone has ever made applesauce to can, I could sure use some pointers to make things go quicker.

We will have 2 water bath pots, and 2 stock pots for boiling down the apples, and then squish the apples through a mesh strainer after they are cooked, and then in the jars, seal them, and put them in the water bath for the required time. That's the plan....