That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, September 19, 2005

What a Wonderful Weekend!

Some weekends are just good. I actually got some things done this weekend! Got the mouse traps in the truck (crossing my fingers!!), cleaned out the flower beds of the unruly/or dead stuff, made a little house for the porch cat Charlie. Swept the porch, did some laundry, went to Wally-World, Menards, and grocery shopping. My husband installed one of those whole house water filtration systems, and partook in the shopping festivities, and mowed the grass, and hauled a truckload of grass clippings and garden debris downtown to the village drop-off site.

I have 4 traps in the truck, and hopefully they (it?) will meet its demise soon. Thought of putting one of the cats in there overnight, but they have never even seen a mouse, and would probably make friends with it. (I have watched one of them take a half hour to kill a cricket, how long would it take with a mouse?) I don't know anyone with a critter eating snake, so I could not do that.

Wonder how it would go with a snake, a cat, and a mouse in there? THUNDERDOME!! ...nevermind...3 men enter...nevermind...

Thought of putting a pie plate of bird seed on the seat, and having the windows of the truck open, and watching from an upstairs window with the pellet gun, but what would the neighbors think? Seriously.

If the traps don't work, I'm going to buy a couple of boxes of moth balls and dryer sheets, and put those everywhere. I'll probably do the dryer sheet thing anyway for the nice smell. If they are still in there after that, I'm going to take the seat out, and the headliner, and the box things that the seatbelts retract into out and FIND them. With a hammer.

I'm not worried about any real damage (wiring etc...) Because hubby and I have owned 8 (that I can remember) of these era Ford trucks in the past and have accumulated several wiring harnesses, and countless other parts for them. I do care about the pee smell though. I could write a whole post about the parts room in the basement. Floor to ceiling shelves. Parts, parts, parts, Maybe another day.