That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Will Be Away On Business

I will be away from my desk for a business trip (garage sale at my in-laws) until Sunday. Wish me luck, because I am hauling a vanload of quality products (useless junk) to this business opportunity and I want to come home with an empty van. I am currently packing my suitcase with my finest business apparel (jeans and t-shirts) to make the very best impression on my clients (crazed old ladies). I do not want to scare them with some wild hairdo, so I will have my hair styled conservatively in a tidy arraignment on the back of my head (in a ratty bun). My marketing department has advised me to use attractive price stickers (masking tape) with the prices clearly visable. They also advised me to have bold incentives for buying in bulk (I'll put the junk in a bag for the old lady).

I can already smell the success!!