That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Minnesota Nice

I am generally not a believer in the term "Minnesota Nice". Until today.

Shorty and I were walking down to the convenience store and I saw an old black Ford truck parked at the gas station. Shorty was convinced the truck was one of our friends trucks, and I was showing him all the differences such as "No see, this one has a 2 piece grill, so it is not a '79, and look at all the trim that is gone on this one, and looky here-its a F250, and the one you are talking about is a F100."

Anyway, the owner came out and saw us hovering around his truck, so I told him that we were just admiring the truck, and we have a couple of these old Fords too. Told him about the flatbed tow truck, and the big fun truck, and my minty green truck, and the truck we keep at my parents house, and the trailer we made out of the back half of an old Ford.

He perked up a bit when I said tow truck, and asked if we tow for people. I told him no, we only use it for ourselves. Then he told me that he has a 1986 Thunderbird that he needs to get rid of, and if we want it, we can have it. I took down his phone # and name. We even had to go into the store to get a pen and paper.

Now that was just nice. He could have just smiled courtiously and driven away. Nope. Now we are on a first name basis. Cool!

Came home and e-mailed my husband, and within about an hour there are a couple people wanting this car for parts and body panels etc...

Moral of this story:

There are so many doors open to you if you talk to the right people, know the right people, and own a tow truck.


There are still nice folks out there, you just need to talk to people and be friendly. And own a tow truck.