That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Think I Have Been Tricked.

The plan this weekend has been to make applesauce, and can some tomatoes. Talked with dad today,and it seems that he only has about 2 dozen tomatoes. And the deer are eating most of the apples. I told him to get out there and start picking apples and hiding them in the garage because I am coming with 12 dozen jars to fill, and I am not leaving until they are all full. (seems reasonable, right?) he informed me that he would be busy cutting a trail back to some dead trees that he wants my husband to cut down and split this weekend.

I asked him what the hell he is going to do with all that wood. He is going to fire up the wood furnace this winter that he hasn't used in 17 years. This is a great idea, but he doesn't have any seasoned wood. Perhaps the dead dry wood will be dry enough? It is all freshly cut. I asked him if he has cleaned the chimney, and he claims that he has, and all he needs to do is take apart the blowers and clean them, and it will be ready to go. OK. I guess he means it.

I think the new goal for this weekend is cutting wood for dad.

My poor husband.

Sorry Mike. He is on a mission. He doesn't listen to me. You are on your own. He is going to work the crap out of you.

I will be in the kitchen or out in the yard throwing rocks at deer by the apple tree.

Lets just see how this goes.