That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


This is a long running argument I have been having with my parents. Two or three years going. I want them to have chickens. They absolutely DO NOT want chickens. I bring it up about once a month, with hints like "Wouldn't they be cute running around the gardens?" and "I think Martha Stewart even has a couple."

This weekend my mom actually asked me if I was serious about the chickens. Of course I am, and I am a little pissed that they have not been taking me serious for the last couple of years.

I explained that I am not suggesting 60 of them or anything, just 3 or 4 of the pretty ornamental fancy ones wandering around the yard. Then she was like "Oooh. That wouldn't be so bad." "how would you keep them warm in the winter?" "That would be king of neat..."

I want dad to turn his old ice shack into a chicken coop, but they still don't like that idea.

They think the fox, and the coyotes will kill them, and I had to explain that the chickens roost at night, and if you build a sturdy coop, nothing will be able to kill them in the night when they are in there.

I probably sound like a brat for being pushy with my parents, but that is all they respond to. They don't know I am serious if I am not being pushy, and even then sometimes they blow me off. Dangit. At least I don't yell.