That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shorty's Cereal

I got Shorty up this morning, and he is a little bit 'fragile'.

'Fragile' is the term I use to describe the days where anything and everything will set him off. Goodie.

Got him his cereal, and he had trouble choosing which bowl to use. Then after he chose the cereal, I filled up his bowl. He went ballistic. Flipped out. I asked him what the heck was wrong with the cereal and his crying relpy was "That's not a kid size portion, that's why, I can't eat that much that's why, ohhhh not THAT much cereal" Dramatic hand gestures and flailing and stomping and all.

I then told him that I better pour some back in the bag then, and he agreed. I proceeded to pour 10 pieces back in the bag. "THAT'S ENOUGH!! STOP MOMMY!"

He ate all of his cereal, and is now peacefully playing. No more gripes after that. What the heck? I find him hilarious sometimes. Sometimes not so much.