That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Husbands are People Too. I Think.

Me: Have you noticed anything different about my face lately?

Him: Is it something I should have noticed?

Me: Not necessarily, I noticed something and was wondering if you noticed too, that's all.

Him: Your face is starting to look old. That's what I notice I guess.

Me: *fists clenching* what did you say? OLD? WTF is wrong with you? OLD!

Him: Well...

Me: Damn, I'm glad you are honest, but for cripes sake that is not what has changed with my face, dumbass. OLD?

Him: What changed with your face then?

Me: I LOST SOME WEIGHT, AND IT IS THINNER!! Don't you look at me AT All?? Crap.

Him: Hey, don't get all worked up, you are just starting to look your age, that's all. Not old, just older. It's not bad or anything, just older I guess.

"Your face is starting to look old."

Thanks jerk face. Same to you. Old. pfft.