That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Homemade Laundry Hamper

My husband is the type of guy that will 'make' something with the junk around the house before he goes to the store and buys one. If he needs a garage heater, he makes one. Parts washer, makes one. Cannon that shoots tennis balls with MAP gas and oxygen....makes it. The store is the last place he looks.

So when he asked me last night if we had a laundry hamper, and I said no, and his response was "ooh...I'll make one then." I got a little curious.

Wondering what materials he would use to make this masterpiece, I asked.

"Oh, remember the old aluminum awning thing that got broken off of the house 2 winters ago because of the weight of the snow? I still have that in the garage, and I'll use parts of that."

I didn't see that one coming, I really expected him to plan on using wood scraps or something. I promptly told him that I had a hamper in the basement with a broken lid that he could use, and he really did not need to make one.

I can visualize this thing in my head. Thank goodness I saved that broken hamper in the basement. Thank goodness.