That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Annoying Parents Strike Again

We had my folks over this weekend to help get the pellet stove in the house, and get it up and running. They are really obnoxious house guests. I have made a list of incidents

They always bring their own food. Cereal, banannas, candy, hamburger, spaghetti sauce, cheese, bread, pop, etc. It burns me up to no end. What the hell is wrong with MY food? I have those same things here. Not the candy and banannas though.

Whenever they come for like 2 days, they bring a carload of crap with. At least 4 trips to the car hauling stuff in. What the heck are they bringing that they can't live without for two days?

Mom gathers up all the ashtrays that I have strategically placed around, and washes them all. We all smoke, (including her), and the hunting around for an ashtray starts, because there is a pile of clean ashtrays sitting by the sink. None anywhere else.

They move my stuff around. I can never find my shoes when they are here. (I am barefoot most of the time, and only wear shoes to go outside) They pick up my shoes where I leave them, and put them out of the way. The only thing that does is confuse me, and make me hunt for them for a couple of minutes. And tick me off.

My mom is a 'Yes Man'. No matter what crazy thing you have to say, she agrees with is whole heartedly, and overly enthusiastically. You can't believe anything she has to say about anything. She also never wants to 'hurt anyone's feelings', so she will lie about stupid stuff just for the sake of not hurting your feelings. That one REALLY makes me mad.

My parents live in a house that is so full of knick-knacks, and so much stuff hanging on the walls that you can hardly see the walls anymore. Lets just say that for the past couple of years I have not been able to find a spot to set my pop down in rooms that are meant for visiting. No available flat surfaces due to the over 'decorating' my Mom and Dad feel the need to do. They come over here, and see that there are five pictures on the wall in the living room, and a clock. My knick-knacks consist of some pottery, and antiques in the built-in cabinet, which is also full of my favorite books. They are obviously uncomfortable in these surroundings, and they make no attempt to go with the flow. They can't figure it out that I don't 'want' my house decorated like monkeys on crack.

They have a real problem with the recycling containers being in plain view in the kitchen. "It doesn't look good." So. It's MY kitchen. I'll have it how I want it, and that is the most convenient for us. Pfft.

My Mom can't stand the fact that I wash the dishes and leave them drying on the dish drying rack until they are dry, and then after they are dry, I put them away and leave the rack and drip tray sitting by the sink. She always wants to know where the rack gets put away. IT STAYS RIGHT THERE. Waiting for me to do the next load of dishes. Just another example of "It doesn't look good." Man. What the heck? Why does she care how I do stuff? Crap.

My Dad ticks me off on a whole different way, and I don't have it in me to start in about him just yet. Don't get me wrong, I want to, but I need a little break from thinking about them and their habits. Man, they really get me going. Damn.