That's Not Very Nice!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Rocks and Sticks And Deer...Oh My!

I had a great weekend! That is something that doesn't happen very often, but we certainly had a blast this time. My husband and I and Shorty went to a local nature/walking/history trail for a walk, and it was pretty cool. We walked the mile with our son, and the little guy did very well considering his legs have to move a lot more than ours to walk that same mile. He busied himself with finding sticks to carry around and poke us with.

I discovered something interesting after we deviated from the trail so Shorty could climb a giant rock. A little farther up than my head (I'm about 5'6) there was what appeared to be a fresh buck rub. I grew up in the woods, and have hunted so I am quite familiar with what these look like. I have never seen one so high up before. I know we were along the river, and that could make for bigger deer, but that would be a giant! Also found some tracks in the mud that came from a hoofed animal very near the tree with the rub. The tracks were about 6-8 inches deep, and seemed about twice the size of any large deer track I have ever seen before. I almost don't want to run into anything that big in the woods. From what I can tell, it has legs way too thick around, and a rack 3 Ft tall, and probably just as wide. Big guy probably has a rough time getting around with all that on his head.

At any rate, I kind of want to go back again to look for more signs of him. When I was there in the spring, I found tracks from a bear or giant cat(?), and since I did not grow up with those kinds of critters, I am not certain what it really was. I would really like to know. Maybe the tracks were from a huge dog, that could be too. (That would kind of ruin the story then wouldn't it!)

It was a lot of fun for all of us, and I hope to go back soon. hint..hint..Mike...