That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sally the Crippler

My cat Sally (he is a boy cat with a girls name, yes) has taken to sleeping on my knees when he comes to bed with us. Perhaps I am a sissy, but 18 lbs of fat man cat parked on ones knee hurts after about 4 minutes. The bugger doesn't want to move either, so I weasel my leg out from under his mass and am left sleeping in some weird position to avoid "The Crippler", because of his rotund size he takes up a lot of real estate on the lower part of the bed. My husband was singing about "The Crippler" last night to the tune of Trogdor. Dear god that had me in tears! Too funny! At least Sally doesn't like sleeping on my chest or stomach. I can be thankful for that.