That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's been quite the pain of a day. Started with kindergarten round-up first thing in the morning, (Shorty did great!), but it involves sitting at the school for 2 hours while they test him, and listening to speeches by the school nurse etc...Bla, bla, long and boring.

Then I came home and was so tired it was ridiculous. So I pissed half the day away trying to sleep on the couch. People without kids take little things for granted. Like naps for one. Like when I was laying there, Shorty woke me up to put a juice box by my face, telling me "It's for if you get thirsty while you sleep Mommy".

Or how about, "Mommy, wake up, I just peed." Was it in the toilet kiddo? "Yes!" Good.

"Mommy? Mommy? Ok, ok, you be Sir Topham Hat, and so what do I need to do Sir Topham Hat?" And it just goes on and on.

I did manage to get a little sleep, and while I was "awake" I was in quite a foggy stupor. I seem to be better off for it, as I can now keep my peepers open, and got me a pot of coffee going. What is left of the day should be salvageable.

Kindergarten sure is a kick in the ass, huh?!