That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Job....Job.....What to do?

I will not beat around the bush. I really need to work. I have been cooped up in this house for 5 years raising our boy, and it is driving me insane! And I want some money...

I have had a job since I was 15 years old, and never went a week without a paycheck. I helped put my husband through college, sold antiques on the side, have cleaned hotel rooms, babysat, cleaned house for an elderly lady, worked at the local flower shop doing arrangements when I was 15, worked fast food, worked as a survey telemarketer, priced smelly clothes for a thrift store, was a service writer for an ambulance repair shop.

I am a worker bee. I like my money. I want money of my own again.

The first Christmas that I was home with the baby, I wanted desperately to buy my husband Christmas presents. With money that was mine, not his. (I don't like the thought of buying him presents with his own money. It doesn't sit well with me.) So how did I get enough money to buy presents when I had a little baby with me? I went out after dark with the baby in the stroller on garbage nights and raided the recycling bins for aluminum cans. Yes I did. We had 2 garbage nights per week in our town and I would end up hauling home about 8 black trash bags full a week. Then, because that many cans take up so much space, I crushed cans every afternoon when the baby was napping. That was about 2 hours a day, all week until the next garbage day when I would do it all over again. I did this for WEEKS! Finally took all my cans to the scrap yard and got about $120.00. I was proud to have earned every cent of that money, and was glad that I did, because then I felt good spending every cent on my husband who works so hard to give us everything that we could need or want.

The point of this is that I need something to do until Shorty goes to school full time, and I am willing to do just about anything to pass the time and make a buck. Things I am good at are:

Cooking and baking
Braided rag rugs
err...collecting aluminum cans
Finding and reselling antiques

Are there any ideas that anyone else has of things that I could do with my son tagging along, or stuff I could make at home that would sell well? It is kind of hard to find something that has almost no overhead, that will pay anything at all. I am just looking for ideas folks. And keep in mind that I live in a tiny little Minnesota town where there is almost no market for anything because everyone seems to be either old or poor. This is tricky, and that is why I am fishing for ideas. Anyone have any ideas?