That's Not Very Nice!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Teachers Need Tip Jars

I had a most interesting day today. This is the first time I have stayed the whole class period at my sons pre-school. Dear God that poor teacher doesn't get paid enough. Today was the big Halloween party, where the kids get to come to school all dressed up in their costumes, and they had games and special treat time at the end. I went to drop Shorty off at school like I always do, took him up to the classroom, helped him with his locker, the usual stuff. I decided to wait around for the rest of the class to show up to see the rest of the kids' costumes. (Very cute by the way!) Anyway, the teacher and the teachers aide were getting these special games out for the party and it looked pretty fun so I stayed a little longer.....Holy Mayhem. 4 year olds are crazy, just crazy. All hell broke loose as the kids were playing the bowling game, and the bean bag toss, and the fridge box trick-or-treat shack. The poor teacher and aide were taking turns getting kids into their costumes (these are the kids that go from daycare to school, and then back to daycare, so they had to carry their costumes with.)

The other mother and I went into action. She took hold of the bowling game, and I took the bean bag toss. We made sure the kids took turns, kept track of who got to go next, helped them find lost bags, etc. We ended up staying and helping out for the whole class time. We just stayed out of the way while the teacher held group activities, and stepped in when things got crazy. Which happens within a blink of an eye with 4 year olds. It worked out really well, and we did not interfere with the activities or get in the way, we were just helpers. I enjoyed it immensely, and my boy thought it was cool that I was there. That won't last forever, so I know to cherish the time I have to still be 'cool'.

By the way, Power Rangers seem to be the most popular this year with that age group, seeing as out of the 9 boys in the class there were 3 red Power Rangers, one dog, a duck, a ninja, a pirate, and a cowboy. (my son was the cowboy.) The girls costumes were: a snow princess, Cinderella, regular princess, rock star, and the girl who had no costume.

So there you go. Little kids are insane, and teachers don't get paid enough. Teachers should have tip jars. Amen.