That's Not Very Nice!

Saturday, January 07, 2006



A good time was had by all last night.

A rough time is being had by me this morning.

Don't worry, Shorty got babysat by the older kids of the Birthday girl, which are more than qualified to watch a 4 year old. Real responsable lads, they are.

I made a buck-fiddy bet, and won in less than a minute, ticked off the guitar player in the band (had to in order to win the buck-fiddy), later felt remorse for stealing his smoke out from the strings of his guitar for a mere buck-fiddy, accosted him as he was coming out of the bathroom trying to give him my winnings because I felt bad. Then he wouldn't take my dollar. I have a list of the places the band will be playing this month, and they may not have seen the last of me. He will get that dollar.

I think I danced for 2 hours straight. I have never done that before. I hurt. Real bad. I just couldn't help myself. When I hear "my dixie land delight....", and "you and me goin' fishing in the dark...." I just can't help it. Disco has the same effect. My dancing skills are not good, it must be noted. Think 'Drunk monkey having a seizure.' That's me. It's not pretty.

My poor patient husband, and the poor patient husband of the birthday girl sat in the corner and talked about garage door openers, ambulances, shootin' possums, and drunk wives the whole time. I have been assured that they also had a good time.

It's going to be a long day.