That's Not Very Nice!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happ..Merry Christ...Hhan...Holid...Kwanz..Solst...Whatever....

Merry Christmas to all 2 of you that come to my place of bad storytelling and rants! Oh, and Harvey too, I spose.

Lets spend a moment reflecting on all of the good things of the season, and let go of the bad. That is what I have had to do. If all you do is sit and stew about all the stuff that pisses you off about the "Holidays", you won't have a chance to enjoy what comes your way. It is not too hard to see all of the good around if you quit trying to find the bad. (I do believe the scrooge has left the building for a moment here.)

Maybe it has been my son saying Merry Christmas to me 16 times a day. Maybe it has been my son wrapping up all of his toys in cloth placemats, and bringing them for me to open, then yelling: "PRESENTS FOR YOU, MOMMY!!" It upsets him greatly that Santa doesn't bring presents for moms and dads by the way, and he wants to share his Santa loot with me. Maybe because Shorty has been announcing the countdown till Christmas since Wednesday. Perhaps it is him wanting me to sing Jingle bells while ringing a bell, so he can do his crazy dance to the music. Or when he talked me into doing the dancing while he sang to me, and rang the bell?

I do believe the spirit of the season has been delivered to me by a little booger nosed, grimey fingered, frosting faced 4 year old. Beautiful things come in sneaky packages, they do.

I tell ya, just in time. Just in time.

Merry Christmas!

Watch out for reindeer turds, those suckers are slicker than ice when they are fresh. I'm Serious.