That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tinsel and Bows

After dwelling and reflecting on the fact that I am a huge slacker and not proud of it, I spent some time thinking about Christmas.

Now, I am not a religious person. I am not interested in becoming a religious person. I struggle with dealing with Christmas, and getting in the Christmas spirit.

I ponder why Americans spend gigantic amounts of money on presents. What is the symbolism there? Is it because of the wise men bringing gifts for the baby Jesus? Does Jesus want everyone to get wonderful expensive presents for Christmas just like he did? What does a new DVD player have to do with Christmas? In all seriousness, what do you spose Jesus thinks about what has been done with his Birthday Party? Does Jesus prefer white lights on the tree, or multi-color blinking seizure inducing lights? Where does Santa fit?

I look at this holiday situation as open minded as I possibly can, and it makes little sense. Why do Christians celebrate the holiday in this manner? It is one of the biggest religious holidays, and it has been commercialized to the point of disgust. And I am not even a Christian, and I'm disgusted.

What are we teaching our children? Get greedy, make lists, fear Santa as you would God, spend to much money on presents, have the best Christmas light show on the block, come hell or high water? What does any of that have to do with Jesus? Nothing, that's what. Best reason I can think of is "spirit of the season".

We have a Christmas tree, and the only reason for it is so Shorty doesn't feel left out with the presents, excitement....etc. Yes, I buy presents for my son, parents, grandma, friends, Harvey and TNT, but that is it. My husband and I haven't exchanged presents for a good five years. In my eyes, presents for the adults is just ridiculous. Yes, I know, I give presents to my parents, and Grandma, Harvey and TNT, and there is reason for it. I WANT to. And My only reason for it is because they have given me so much in this world, emotionally, that it is a good time to show them a gesture of thanks. I don't need a holiday to show it, but since Christmas is so convenient, I use the opportunity.

As for my husband and I exchanging gifts, it just seems silly. We give each other gifts all the time, I don't need the greed of the season to get stuff, I get whatever I want anyway. I have a very nice husband, and I don't abuse his generosity. EVER.

I believe that anyone can celebrate their holiday in any way that they see fit, absolutely, but for petes sake, sometimes it is hard to see what the holiday is really supposed to be about. In my little world, the holiday is a good time to visit with family, show the ones you love that you care for them, (who ever said that the only way to show that you care is expensive presents??), and be thankful for all that you have on this wonderful planet.

Sorry for the rant, I hope I did not offend anyone, that was certainly not the intent. Only a deeper look into the progression of Christmas from the eyes of a non-Christian.