That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Charlies Girlfriend

Oh, now this is funny folks. We have a garage cat, Charlie. Charlie used to live in the house with his brother and sister until the boys started fighting about property rights (who would sleep on the bed with me), and he sprayed. Then he spent the summer on the back porch, and now he lives in the garage.

Husband and I were out in the garage last night, and Charlie was snooping around outside. I called out the door for him because he comes when you call, just like a dog. I'm out there "Come on kitty kitty, CHARLIE! kitty kitty come on" and I see him coming, but before he got in the garage, something caught my eye. I spun around to see what looked like a really fuzzy black small cat or bunny sized critter scurry behind some tires against the wall. Charlie could care less, I don't know if he even saw.

We both saw it, so I know at this point that I'm not nuts. Husband decides, well, Charlie is bigger than whatever it was that we saw, so it'll be OK. I ran into the basement and got a flashlight and a old broom handle, and put my boots on, in case I had to do any bunny kicking, I guess. We turned off the radio so we could hear, and so Charlie could find whatever it was, I'm standing there watching, holding on tight to my broom handle as my husband climbs up over the stack of tires, and shines the light around and finds it.

"Well, I see it, it's a little black fuzzy critter" He announces.

Well crap, we knew that, "Does it have a bunny tail or a cat tail?" I asked.

"dunno, I can't see its butt."

"Well here, poke it with this" As I hand him my broom handle and back away

"Well, holy crap, it's a kitten!!" "Quick, it's going down that way, go look!"

Kid you not, there is a kitten that came in with Charlie. I wonder if it is his girlfriend? She is cute as can be! In a way I'm pissed because we seriously don't want another cat, but that is just a hoot that maybe, just maybe he found himself a lady friend. It is so cold outside right now, I'm secretly happy that she came in out of the cold. Just a little bitty thing too.

We shut the garage door, and we think she is still in there, we shall see how this is going to go. I'm guessing she will try her best to make it work, with the always full bowl of food available, the heated water bowl, litter box, Charlies fantastic double thickness off the floor cardboard palace. Gotta be heaven for a chilly little cat.