That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Preschool Picture Day

Shorty had his first picture day yesterday. What a day. Kids came to school looking so darn sharp!

A little girl classmate of his showed up to school with a GIANT makeup case, brush, and her Mother in preparation for the picture. 4 years old, and wearing make-up. What the hell is that? That is one of the most ridiculous things I have seen lately. Talk about self esteem issues right from the get go. How can that even sound like a good idea to the mother? Poor girl will probably have an eating disorder by the time she hits second grade. What is wrong with parents these days? What's wrong with a kid being a kid? What's wrong with a girl knowing she is beautiful just the way she is? Girls have enough pressure and problems with their image when they hit puberty, why ON EARTH would you want to start up the feelings of that so soon? My God man, give her some time to just be a kid. Ahhhh.....I'm just pissed. I feel so sorry for that girl, want to wash off her face, give her a hug, and say "Now that's better! Now I can see what a pretty girl you really are!" Poor thing.

Well, I can absolutely say that that is not how I would not raise a daughter if I had one.