That's Not Very Nice!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Teachers Aide

Yesterday when I went to drop off Shorty at preschool, I overheard the teacher and another mother talking about how the teachers aide never called in sick or anything, and hasn't showed up. The other mother was apologizing about how she would be more than happy to stay and help out, but she had plans for this, that, and the other thing. I'm sitting there thinking "Oh shit. They know I can hear them, and I have no excuse." So I pipe up, "I don't have anything going on, would you like me to stay and help out?"

So begins my career of Teachers Aide.

I was asked to lead the hand painting table, painting all of the kids hands yellow and squishing them on a piece of paper, and helping them write their names on the paper.

I got to take twelve 4 year olds to the bathroom and make sure they wash their hands. After the bathroom break I was to get them all to sit still while I read a Thanksgiving book about the pilgrims and Indians. That didn't go real well. First thing that went wrong there was that my Shorty was pissed because he didn't want me to read 'that' book, he wanted a different book. Of course he is used to at home where Mommy reads whatever he chooses. He was TICKED and would not pipe down about it. I had to kick my own son out of story time. Crap. So he is off on the other side of the room on a blue chair aimed at the wall. Then I got about 2 pages into the book and this little girl starts trying to make conversation with me about how her dad is on an airplane right now, and how she wants to ride on an airplane, and that spirals into 5 kids all yelling to each other about how their dad-uncle-mom whatever rides bla bla bla.....SITUATION OUT OF CONTROL. I try to start the story up again, and have to use the teacher phrases like "children, eyes up here", and "this is story time, not visiting time". I was kind of proud of myself for remaining calm and using teacher phrases. I have never had such a hard time reading 12 pages of mostly pictures in my life. Not that it wasn't fun and all, just a challenge.

Then bingo which was relatively uneventful, after that was done I got to help these kids get their jackets and hats on and all of their crap into their backpacks. There are three kids in that class whose zippers are broke on their jackets AND 2 kids with the zippers busted on their backpacks. Not because of me, they were already broke, seriously. Poor kids. I just wanted to get some safety pins or something and rig them up so they wouldn't freeze.

There you have it folks, once again wrangled into preschool activities. I obviously don't mind though. I enjoy it really. If I wasn't willing to help out I wouldn't. I am not real good with excuses, but I can come through in a pinch if push comes to shove. Nah, I'll just help out.

*Oooh...maybe they will give me a discount on the fees.....ooohh.....*