That's Not Very Nice!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Dear Sally

Well perhaps you remember the letter of love that my Man Cat Sally wrote to Amber over at Bad Example a few days ago. Sally finally received a reply from her. To say the least, he is crushed. My opinion is that he should hold out for someone with a better vocabulary, and a girl who likes boys. Here is the letter Sally got:

Deer Sally,

I wanT NO man Kat. I like Girlz no boys. Boys too rough, girlz just right. Don't write me NOmore. I wont Write back again. Me NO like you penis-haver. Go away now. Dont send for me i wont get in da box. I like it here.

Stupid man kat.


(personally I thought she would be more eloquent with her writing being Harveys cat, but apparently not. Does anyone else think she sounds a bit foreign ?)