That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dear Amber

(A Guest post by my cat Sally The Man Cat to his newest crush...Amber from Bad Examble)

HeLLO butIfull Amber DarLing. I have seen yur photo on the puter n I thinks your beautfuL. I couLd Be the perFEcht man fur you, My naMe is SaLLy The mAn Cat. I Love YOu and want YoU to be my woMan Cat. I hAve lots of Toys and food too oFFer yoU. I coulD make U my Ultimate princcess. I am ToTTAly buff Looking and HavE nice WISKERs. You hAve good Looking WISKERz to. I wAnt to toucH theM. I want to LIck thom. I have Nice stripeS all over My maJestiK wild Catt lookking body. I have a Beautiful BoDDY. I want You. I KaN senD pitures in the male, or thrU the puter If you Amber DarLing wanna gud look At mi WISKERs. I will aLWays sharE my Kattnipp WiTH my princcess. I want You. We have LaunDRY heree at Mi house thAt you can sleeP in. I like Laundry, and I like yoU. I am ToTTAly buff Looking and You will LiKe me. I SMELL Good to. Yoo can BE My sUPER ultiMATE princcess. I want You Amber. You R a buTiful Woman cAT. I wiLL bee wAitin fur YoUR letter baCk too me. I am MaJestiK LookkkING, and sMEll Good. I will Wait for a REPLy befOre I senD for Yoo. I LOve you Amber DarLing.

SaLLy The mAn Cat