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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Halloween Blizzard of 1991

Holy smokes the memories! I can still remember the night of the storm. I was babysitting for the neighbor kids down the road that day, and all seemed normal enough, I cant remember if they predicted the storm or not, but it did take us all by surprise. I had been getting the little ones into their costumes while it started to snow and was prepping them with the possibility that their mother may not be able to take them out trick-or-treating whan she gets home because of the weather. She eventually came home and decided she would take them out if I went with to carry them through the snow. I agreed to go with, (mainly because I wanted candy too). We went to about 8 houses, and she saw how I was struggling carrying the 2 kids (18mos and a 3 yr old) through the snow, and I was just a kid myself so she decided to call it a night. The kids didn't know any better, and I could see that she was having a hard time driving too. It truly was unbelievable. I sit here looking at the clear sky, and the sunny day remembering that day so very clearly. Everyone was snowed in for at least a day and many were without power for a week or more.

My father worked at the Intl. Airport in Mpls, and whenever there was bad weather he would be required to stay and work. He never made it home that night. He had to work a mandatory 18 hours that day because the next shift of people could not make it to work. He got home at 6 or so in the morning and left again at 10 in the morning to get back to work for his regular shift. I have no idea how he drove in the snow that deep when everyone else claimed they were stranded, but he did. (He had a little Ford Escort at the time that was phenomenal in the snow also).

Does anyone else from the Midwest have a story from the Halloween blizzard of 1991?

Happy Halloween!