That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Junkyard Shenanigans

I called the sort-of-local junkyard today to see about two steel rims for our super common 1995 GM car. Shouldn't be a problem, right? Junkyards have tires and rims falling out of their asses most of the time. As soon as I told the lady what I was looking for, I was met with the response "sorry, we don't have any vehicles of that make and model" She said that so darn quick that I knew that she didn't look it up in the computer or a inventory book or anything. So then I asked if they delt in import cars only, and her even quicker response was "no, we just don't have any vehicles here of that make and model." First off, there are books out there, I think they are called Hollander books, and they are a handy thing because they will tell you what parts are interchangeable with what cars. Even backwoods piss-ant little ma & pa junkyards have these. She could have looked in there to see if a Buick, or Chevy rim will work on a Oldsmobile. Easy as pie.

The point of this is that I think there is something shady going on there. Why would they not want to sell me parts? Why is it that the last time we had a 1998 supercharged Pontiac Bonneville that the body was good on, and drove OK enough to drive it to the junkyard, and I called them to see what they would pay us for it, they told me that they were not accepting any vehicles at this time, and would not give us any money for it, in fact charge us $50 if we left it there. That is just not how junkyards work. That is what they say when you want to drive your shitty ass Reliant, or 1982 Escort there. Nobody wants parts from those cars, so they don't take them. Makes sense.

I have come to the conclusion that this particular Junkyard is just a cover business for bigger and better things. That would make perfect sense to have a big ol' heap of cars sitting there and then turn in the taxes saying that oh, yes we sold $200,000 worth of parts last year when in fact they really sold next to no parts, and the money coming in was drug money etc...

I am a little ticked, to say the least. Maybe I am wrong about all of this and they are just a poorly run waste of space, but I have my doubts.

I just want some steel rims for snow tires. Damn.