That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pilled Up Sweaters

I was at a funeral last Friday, and I noticed something that has had me wondering, and frankly a little bothered.

I took great care when choosing my attire when I decided to attend this service, something respectful, something plane, something I thought would be appropriate for a military funeral.

I wore nice black dress pants, a beautiful plain cream colored blouse, my black leather mid length coat, and black leather square toed short boots. I was a minority in the way that I dressed. I saw many people wearing ratty blue jeans, pilled up sweaters, worn out crappy stuff, ill fitting loud and obnoxious clothing, tennis shoes.

What I am getting at is that there seems to have been a change somewhere that somehow these choices are acceptable for a funeral. They are not acceptable in my eyes, and I am just confused about it. All of the older gentlemen wore the usual suit and tie, and the older women wore something similar to what I was wearing, but wool of course. Then there were the military folks in uniform who looked so sharp and tidy, as always. The vast majority of the younger (age 15-50) group was wearing mostly unsuitable clothing, in my opinion.

Now, I realise that not everybody has the money to buy nicer clothes, and neither do I, but I made due with $5.00 worth of thrift store clothes and made sure I looked to be what I thought was appropriate. I even took great care when deciding what to wear for jewlery, so I wouldn't look flashy. Chose my Napier necklace, earring, bracelet set that was gold and silver both with tiny, tiny gold beads twisted amongst the gold and silver.

I know that what matters the most to the family is that you show up, no matter how you are, but to show up like you are headed off to Wall-Mart? Would those same people who dressed like that wear those clothes to a wedding? People always dress nice to weddings. Or do they? It has been a while since I have been to a wedding. Now, generally I dress like crap when I am at home, and even to go to the store, but when I go to a funeral or wedding, I make for damn sure I look nice. Out of respect for the family AND the departed one, or to show the ones getting married that I care.

Some people dress up to show off to others that maybe they are better or more wealthy, but that is a whole different deal. This is just plain and simple respect. And I wonder if it is still there, hidden under pilled up sweaters and grubby tennis shoes.