That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Black Dress Pants

Went shopping yesterday for some new dressy slacks for a funeral on Friday. (A military funeral for a soldier killed in Iraq. Little brother of a friend) Anyway, the last time I bought clothes for a wedding or funeral was last winter I think, and the pants I bought then have since changed from super-cool, and nice to pilled up and trashy, so I had to replace them. Why is it that the fabrics that they make dress pants out of for women can handle about 4 washings and then they are trashed? That's about 10 bucks per time I wear them. I am sick of spending that king of money for something I know will destroy itself. Hubby gave me 50 bucks to go get some pants, so I headed to the thrift store in a neighboring town to see just what kind of clothes you get for 2 bucks a pop, before heading to the dreaded mall of DOOM.

Seriously, I am stopping there next time I need anything from now on! I bought a very nice pair of BRAND NEW with the tags still on them dress pants ($39.99 by the way!), a BRAND NEW beautiful dress shirt with the tags on it still ($21.99 from JC Pennys), a long flowing black skirt with tags (price tag was gone though) another shirt from Casual Corner (not brand new, but you can't tell) and a beautiful pink bra (no tags, but I'm pretty sure it is still new).

Now for the kicker....What do you spose this all cost me? $10.50

Moral of this story is that I will ALWAYS go check at the thrift store before buying anymore overpriced dress clothes. Not one of the items I bought yesterday would have cost a mere $10.50, I am thrilled! I would have never guessed you can get really nice clothes at a lowly thrift store. I always go there to see if they have neat vintage stuff (and they always do), but never looked for clothes. That has changed from now on!