That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It Is Hard To Be Me

Well, I have come to realize that I seem to have the vocabulary of a elderly person, and I am OK with that. Coupled with the apparent "Fargo" type "accent" I have been told I have, I call it charm. My own family gives me looks sometimes, and you know what? That's just fine.

Seriously, I was at the local American Legion one time playing bingo, (yes, laugh all you want, and yes I am way too young to be playing bingo) and the fella handing out the bingo cards came over to sell me some, and I said "Ja, sure, I'll take two", in my "Fargo" kind of way. He stood there and stared at me. Seriously. Then I said it again, because I had no clue what the deal was. He just kinda snickered and smiled and gave me my cards. I came home later that night and told my husband what happened, and that I had no clue what the deal was, and he just laughed! Then he proceeded to tell me that I don't sound like the folks around here. I grew up in Wisconsin with Swedish and Norwegian grandparents, and I just talk this way. I still don't know what the deal is being we live in Minnesota now, like they have never heard someone like me. Pfft. Kinda like people that grew up down south, they have their ya'll, and I have my Ja sure. Everybody try to understand this when you read my posts that I have to clean them up a LOT. If I actually wrote the way that I talk, you all would laugh me out of the blogosphere. err...maybe you already do, and I just don't know it yet....(note to self=quit being so lame)

You know what's funny though? My Mom says Darn Tootin' more than anyone else on the planet. Thankfully I rarely say it. In my little world, that is a darn good thing dontcha know. Seriously, if you want to see me really get strong with it, get me upset or flustered. Not pissed though, because all I do then is swear and get animated, only upset or flustered. Politics will do it every time. Or the Sioux uprising of 1862. (Harvey, seriously, Jerry and I got into it so bad about the details of this, not pretty) You would think I was a pretty fresh immigrant that still doesn't speak the English so good. I have heard it is pretty entertaining to get me going. My husband does it for fun occasionally. Yep, It is hard to be me.