That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Taxidermy squirrel

Just got an E-mail from my husband wanting to know out of the blue if I still had the stuffed squirrel I did in taxidermy class in high school. Wants to bring it to work to put in his departments Christmas tree.

This squirrel looked so bad after I got done with it, I didn't sew the belly up as tight as I should have so there was always sawdust falling out. I was too rough getting the head ready and cut through the hide accidentally and had to sew it to fix it. I couldn't get the shape of the skull right, so the eyes looked weird. When I ran the wires up the legs to mount it to the log, I didn't/couldn't make the legs look like they were in a natural position, so it ended up looking like it was trying to walk across fire or something. The ears had never looked right because it had been in the freezer for too long waiting for me to use it for this school project. This sucker looked BAD!

I'll bet it got thrown away about 5 years ago after sitting in Dads garage spilling sawdust all over. Dad also said something about bugs getting into it too. That sucker is long gone. Oh well, he will have to find something else for the tree. Apparently, on the star for the tree, there is a big picture of B Arthur, and on the other side there is a group picture of all the Golden Girls. Engineers are different people. I would have gladly donated my furry friend to their Christmas arrangement.