That's Not Very Nice!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Old Man Winter

Well, I suppose it really is chilly now. it is -5 here right now. I think that is the third or fourth day in a row that it has started the day in the minus something range. I fear for the pipes in the upstairs bathroom, I have a thermometer up there, and it reads 40 degrees in the main part of the upstairs, and I don't dare go in the bedrooms which are shut up, and colder yet. I flushed the toilet and used the sink, and they work, so I can assume the pipes are OK right? The toilet is up against an outside wall, and that is what I was really worried about.

The pellet stove is working well for the downstairs, I can keep it 70 degrees down here with the stove running at #3 (out of 10 levels), we just don't want to heat the upstairs at all so we put a door there and keep it closed off.

Our bedrooms used to be upstairs, but we moved them downstairs this year. Now there are two perfectly good bedrooms upstairs, and a bathroom. I don't miss them one bit. Yes, I miss my old bed, as we are sleeping on the guest bed rather than moving beds all over the house. Shorty has his toddler bed, which is nothing at all to shuffle around. This was really a very, very small sacrifice.

It only costs us about $1.50 per day, maybe $2.00 to heat the house with the pellet/corn stove. That is with mixing the pellets 50/50 with corn. We haven't tried increasing the corn ratio, but that would make it cheaper yet. That's a far cry from the couple hundred bucks it used to cost per month, not to mention the price increase this year. Oh heck yeah, this stove is awesome. We aren't tied down with it because when we go out of town, the regular furnace just takes over. It is safe to say that this thing is the BEST PURCHASE WE HAVE EVER MADE. That, and it is real nice to come in from the cold outside and go sit by a fire. You can't put a price on that. Makes a helluva mitten dryer/warmer too!

Old Man Winter can just keep on trying, never underestimate the will of a Northerner.