That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Shoot the Sun

My Father and Husband had Shorty out shooting one of dads .22 pistols. Now, I wasn't there at the time, I think I was at the dentist or something. I am not so sure I would have approved of this activity for my little 4 year old, but that is another thing entirely. So, the point here is that my little one has handgun experience, and has shot the BB gun and pellet gun, and shoots target arrows with a kids size bow at my parents house. A little scary for me, but we are teaching him young how to respect firearms and weapons, and not to fear them, and they are NEVER toys. It is actually working wonderfully.

Shorty just asked me out of the blue how far away the sun is from us. I told him that I couldn't remember exactly how far, (he always wants to know exactly) but I know that it is really, really, really far away. He responded with:

"Can I shoot the sun with a gun?"

Sorry kid, guns don't shoot that far. Holy crap.