That's Not Very Nice!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Expert Button Pusher


Shorty is pissing me off today. First, with the complaining about how he didn't like the green ring pop I bought him yesterday, and then he wanted some of my chicken soup, but he didn't want to share, and take turns with the spoon, so I told him that I was nice enough to share my lunch with him, the least he could do is be cooperative and friendly. Ha! No way Jose. So then he went off crying off to the couch, telling me how angry he is with me. Whatever dude. Shape up or no soup for you is my opinion. Then he pulled out the "I don't want Presents from Santa" card. Complaining about all the presents he got for Christmas.

I told him that I would gladly pack up all of his presents and get rid of them if he so desired. Then he got even more mad and told me he doesn't like toys, and get rid of all of them. "Even all of your Thomas the Tank stuff?" Well, actually, it seems that he likes that stuff.

Then I asked him if he would like to shape up and have some soup, and lo and behold, he wants soup. So that went well. For a second.

Then I went to get a napkin and he swiped my seat. This is an ongoing issue here, and he gets in trouble every time, with every person he swipes from. He knows full well he will get in trouble for doing that, yet still acts surprised EVERY FRIGGIN TIME HE DOES IT. What the hell? I not very nicely informed him to get the heck out of my chair, or I will get him out the not nice way, and he didn't budge. So I peeled him out of the chair, plopped him on the floor, and told him that if he wants someplace to sit, find another chair. So then he went crying back to the couch, claiming he needs his privacy, and I need to go away. I told him if he really needs his privacy, he should go to his room, or the bathroom, and I'm not going anywhere. Again, he tells me that he is mad with me.

Patience is getting difficult. This kid is an expert button pusher. Do kids that don't spend the day with their mom pull this crap with their moms? Do kids in daycare pull this crap on their day care provider? How am I supposed to react to this behavior? Obviously, consequences need to be established, and they are, but when the kid is so stubborn, he just pisses me off more, and makes the situation worse. Man, this sucks.