That's Not Very Nice!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Corn Issues

Went to the feed mill yesterday because we are darn near out of corn for the pellet/corn stove. Since it was supposed to snow later in the day I didn't want to get a full load, only a couple hundred lbs, because I had to haul it all into the basement by myself. So I came home with my 360 lbs of corn, to notice that this batch of corn is so dusty and with chunks of cobb, and the kernals are not uniform, and lots are broken. The last 2 times I got corn, it was very clean, the kernals were large and uniform, and there was hardly any dust at all.

Point is here is that I wonder if they sold me a lesser grade of corn, for the standard price, and I also wonder if I should expect any consistency from the feed mill? This new corn is so dusty, I don't know if we really should be burning it, as the dust just turns to ash, and sticks all over to the inside of the stove, and inside the chimney. Also, I saved a jar of the previous corn, and then a jar of the new corn, to perhaps bring to the feed mill to ask them about it.

Any farm kids out there that may have answers for me about my issue, your comments are welcome and appreciated, as I have almost no experience with it. All I know is that the corn I got this fall was a million times better than the crap I got yesterday.